Your success is our vision!
Your success is our vision!
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APDC's Mission
 Our mission is to deliver the highest quality hospitality services to our Florida clients & partners with professionalism and integrity.  The driving force of our success is in meeting the needs and goals of the client first.  The commitment behind APDC is that when our clients are successful and satisfied,  APDC will prosper and thrive. We are in the partnership business and are consistently focused on building long-term relations.   As your organization experiences changes, our team is resourceful to adapt to those changes.  We strive to be your unwavering pillar of reliability while delivering first class hospitality services. Florida depends on APDC for the absolute best in the industry.
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Hospitality & Industrial Services 

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

At APDC, we strive to be an extension of your commercial cleaning and hospitality team! 
  We are committed to our customers success and satisfaction by providing 24-hour hospitality and cleaning services.

  • Workforce with over 1,000 employees
  • 4 dry cleaning locations
  • 2 industrial laundry plants, producing an excess of 4 million pounds of linen per month
  • Fully modernized transportation fleet

 Find out why Florida's hospitality industry chooses APDC for all of their commercial cleaning needs.    
  1. Floor & Carpet Care
    Floor & Carpet Care
  2. Office & House Cleaning
    Office & House Cleaning
  3. Detail Cleaning
    Detail Cleaning

We do the job right! 

We Do Windows!
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